»Enriching the tradition with modern knowledge.«

Magic is at home in our kitchen. Everyday ingredients become a brand new dish, the tastes intertwining and creating a harmony never seen before. Chef's ideas turn into a mouthful of culinary pleasure. We preserve traditional local dishes while enriching, preparing and serving them in a modern context, accompanied by select Istrian wines. Tastes, which you might have grown to love in your childhood, here become alive in surprising combinations.



»Hearth is the heart of our kitchen.«

Kužina, or kitchen in the local dialect, represented the core and sometimes the only space in old Istrian homes. In its centre was an open hearth, used for food preparation. The fire provides special warmth, homey atmosphere and incredible taste also to the dishes, prepared in Kužina Stara šola. Under hot coal we create show-cooked meat and vegetable dishes, delighting all the senses - and let us not even get started on the amazing aroma and taste of bread, freshly baked under coal.



»The ingredients used have not travelled far.«

Our dishes, as well as the ingredients, are at home in picturesque Istrian scenery. We swear by locally sourced, high-quality fresh ingredients. Our cuisine works in harmony with the seasons and adores genuine tastes, offered by nature throughout the year. We cook with love and dedication, as if we were cooking for ourselves, our loved ones, our dearest friends.

Winter working hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  18:00 - 23:00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00 - 23:00

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