»We serve the perfect taste for every moment of the day.«

We spoil our guests with sumptuous breakfasts, featuring homemade products and seasonal fruit. We satisfy a small hunger with surprising snacks, called spuntini in Istria, providing a few bites of pleasure with accompanying drinks. Our culinary imagination astounds guests in top-quality seasonal tasting menus. We turn moments into memories with unforgettable lunches and dinners in the company of business partners, family, friends and paramours.

»Istria is the place where Meditterranean touches the heaven.«

Istria is famous for superb food combining distinct characteristics of seaside and inland cuisine. Pljukanci, bigole, kroštola, frituli and spuntini are just some od the Istrian dishes, set to enrich your vocabulary of tastes. Even though Istrian peninsula is divided between three countries, our chef says for him it has no borders. He unites ingredients from Slovenian part of Istria with fish, molluscs and prosciutto from Croatian Istria and aromatic grappas from Italy, so you can take your tastebuds on an unforgettable trip, exploring geniune tastes of the whole region while enjoying the picturesque village of Korte.

»We turn moments into memories.«

With us, every meal is a special experience. We believe the best way to counterbalance the everyday haste are the moments, spent in relaxed atmosphere and good company. Our terrace offers a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. Savor it! All you need are spuntini in one hand and a well-chosen drink in the other.

If you want to come enjoy Istrian specialties in larger groups, celebrate an anniversary or birthday, experience an unforgettable wedding or honor any other important life milestone, we can entertain up to 100 people, while nearby Stara šola guesthouse offers sleeping accommodation to 30 people.

For more informatin visit Guesthouse Stara šola

Winter working hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  18:00 - 23:00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00 - 23:00

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